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Carleton University
RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

Reading # 9: Islamic Perspectives on death - Prophet Muhammad recorded revelations of Allah in Quran (sacred text). - Allah (the one God) required surrender of human will to divine will (obedience) - “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” - Life of charity, regular prayer, fasting and pilgrimage - If devoted to Allah, rewarded after death. The wicked, unbelievers and polytheists get eternal punishment. - Resurrection of dead results in separation of righteous and wicked. - Allah= supreme power (over life & death); divine creator and recreator (resurrection) - “Other gods” not real and have no power - Sleeping like dying, awaking like resurrection. When sleep, Allah takes soul and gives back when awaken. So humans died daily & death shouldn’t be feared. Sleep is a rehearsal for final death. - While wait for resurrection, faithful dead sleep peacefully (rest) and only Allah knows how long slept before resurrection. - Living and dead could communicate in sleep (messages, visions, dreams) - Naf= soul (and body?), spirit= ruh - Soul extracted from body at death. Peaceful for righteous, violent for wicked & unbelievers. - Wicked souls (but not righteous) interrogated by angels of death - Jahannam= place of punishment/fiery torment; heavenly garden= place of reward. Not finalized until after resurrection but get a “taste” of it. - After burial, 2 scary looking angels (Munkar & Nakir) visit soul in the grave and interrogate soul about beliefs and deeds in life (trial of the grave). Mourners during funeral may whisper answers to questions into ear of dead. - If pass interrogation, experience comforts of heavenly garden. If fail, feel torment of Jahannam. - After resurrection, righteous go to eternal garden paradise (flowers, fine food, fine cloths, fine women for men, etc.). Wicked go to fiery eternal punishment with no way out. Sufi Mystics: - 150 years after prophet Muhammad’s death, Sufi mystics emerged - From
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