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Angela Sumegi

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Reading11 The Rig Veda Yamathe fathersYamalord of the dead first mortal to go to otherworld created path for all that followed Invoke Yama to come lead dead men Ancient paths lead to heavenInvoke ancestorsfathers in other world Send evil spirits on their way want to eat corpseprevent dead man from entering heavenTell dead mans spirit to go fast Get rewarded for good deeds and sacrifices new body to replace burnt one 2 four eyed dogs of Yama who are both dangerous can kill you and protective lead you to heaven guardians of doorway to otherworldCall priests to offer soma sacrificial drink offered to God that makes them immortal to Yama Offers sacrifices to Yama to keep people not ready to die yet young aliveFire burns for the 3 days of the Soma ceremony dead wander for 3 days after dying before getting to heaven Funeral FireAgni fire burns corpse gently not destroy it to send it to fathers in otherworld This fire transfo
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