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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

Reading 13 Death of BuddhaBuddha passed away in small town of KushinagaraEntered parinirvana death means rebirth so he didnt die but entered the final nirvanaChunda blacksmith offered Budhha and his monks a meal of sweet rice and truffles In return Buddha gave religious teachings Buddha says give the truffles to me only and the other food to the other monks Then bury any remaining truffles because no one could digest them except meDid this because suspected the truffles were hazardous but still didnt want to turn down the meal After eating Buddha got sick and was in pain but didnt complainBuddha and his apprentice Ananda go to KusinaraPukkusa offers them gold robes and they accept and give in return religious discourseWhen Buddha puts on robe his skin is so bright the robe loses its splendorThe Buddhas skin is bright on 2 occasions 1 When he achieves enlightenment 2 When he passes away for the final timeLays down on his right side one foot on top of the otherTells Ananda not to allow people to make Chunda feel bad because he died after eating his food but to say that it was a good thing The food eaten before reaching enlightenment and that eaten before the final passing are equal in merit Buddha says his body should be treated like a Kings wrap in 500 hundred alternating layers of new cloth and cotton wool place body in oil vesse
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