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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Notes

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SOCI 1001
Tamy Superle

Haenfler “Chapter 8: Gamers, Hackers and Facebook – Computer Cultures, Virtual Community, and Postmodern Identity,” pp. 105-121. Virtual Subcultures and Scenes Hacker Culture - most underground hackers do not fit the villain stereotype, and many expose computer bugs and software loopholes that ultimately benefit all computer users - hackers trace their roots to phone "phreaking" in the 1950s, in which "phreakers" would mimic the frequencies used to conduct phone calls, often with the intent of gaining free access - "old school" hackers felt that computers would make the world a better place to live in, and freely sharing information and technology, rather than keeping a secret, would lead to human liberation. New school hackers, sometimes called cyberpunks or crackers, appreciate the benefits of the computer age would have a much grimmer outlook regarding the possibilities of technology. Computers, rather than tools for liberation, can be used to dominate and control Virtual community - Facebook, Myspace, and more - of community is a social network of people who somehow interact and have something in common such as geographic place, common interests, distinct identity, or shared v
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