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Chapter 4

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SOCI 1001
Tamy Superle

Chapter 4 p 99115 Social Isolation and the Crystallization of Self Identity The ability to learn human culture is only a potential It is realized through socialization the process by which people learn their culture This is done through 1 entering and disengaging from a succession of roles and 2 becoming aware of themselves as they interact with others A role is the behaviour expected of a person occupying a particular position in societyWhen children are left isolated they do not develop the same way that normal children do Socialization is key to the development of selfidentityTheories of Childhood Socialization Freud Social interaction enables us to develop our sense of selfa set of ideas and attitudes about who we are as independent beingsFreud was the first to develop a theory of how our sense of self emerges We develop our idthe part of self that demands immediate gratification as babies We cry in the middle of the night and our parents come to feed us and put us back to sleep However eventually this stops and we learn to put ourselves back to sleep and to eat more before bed We develop independenceWhen we are taught life lessons on how to act like being toilet trained we develop our personal conscious or superego We then develop our ego to balance out the twoThe 3 main critisisms of Freuds theory are 1 The connections between early childhood development and adult personality are more complex than Freud assumed 2 Many sociologists criticize Freud for gender bias in his analysis of male and female sexuality 3 Sociologists often criticize Freud for neglecting socialization after childhoodCooleys Symbolic Interactionism Charles Horton Cooley developed the idea of the looking glass self When we interact with others we see how they react to us which allows us to imagine how we appear to them Through this we develop feelings about who we are
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