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Chapter 10

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SOCI 1001
Tamy Superle

Chapter 10 Race and Ethnicity Defining Race and Ethnicity Race Biology and Society Biological explanations for racial differences have always been around but the scientific evidence has always been shakyToday people use low average IQ scres of a specific racial group as an excuse to limt funding to inner city school However they ignore the fact that the social setting in which children are raised has a large impact on their IQ We connot prove that IQ is based on biology IQ is just one example There is very little scientific evidence to support any racial differences whether it is being more prone to crime or athletic abilityPrejudice is an attitude that judgs a person on his or her groups real or imagined characteristics Discrimination is unfair treatment of people because of their group membershipWithin the last few centuries there has been so much intermixing of races that races as distinct biological categories do not exist Today the term race is more of a sociological concept Race is determined socially not biologicallyRace allows for social inequalityEthnicity Culture and Social Structure Race is to biology as ethnicity is to culture A race is a socially defined category of people whose perceived physical markers are deemed signi
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