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Darryl Davies

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Criminology 2540 Foundations of Crime Classical School of Criminology: (reactive) this approach assumes that people have free will, and that punishment can be a deterrent for crime, so long as the punishment is proportional, fits the crime, and is carried out promptly. Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria were the major players. There are 11 main points (PRESS-PINKRR): 1.*Proportionate: punishments must be proportionate to the crime committed and go no further than what’s necessary to deter the offender from injuring fellow citizens. 2.*Rational: criminal must be treated as a rational and responsible human being. 3.Exemplary: exemplary penalties are unjust. 4.*Speed and Certainty: punishments must be inflicted with speed and certainty. 5.Social Contract: law should be a form of written social contract between you and your justice system. 6.Prevention: crime prevention can be achieved with clear definitions and the penalties. 7.Infringe: punishment is justified only insofar as it infringers the rights of others. 8.Nature of Penalty: the nature of the penalty should correspond to the nature of the crime. 9.Knowledge: the law
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