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Chapter 11

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Carleton University
SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

Chapter Summary Pg 300 – 322 Nicole Preston Crime Prevention and Public Policy Public Policy – government formulated directives made on behalf of the public good to solve a problem or achieve an end Policies undergo 5 stages in their development: 1. Identification of the problem 2. Agenda setting or the prioritization of the problems 3. Policy formation 4. Program implementation and 5. Program evaluation and reassessment  Governments seek to promote policies that contribute to the common good without resulting in political disruption Crime Prevention Philosophies Crime is either an issue of individual responsibility or criminal behavior results from poor social conditions and dysfunctional social structures Crime prevention strategies that attempt to resolve the root causes of crime are more effective in the long run  Addressing these take a proactive rather than reactive approach to crime Conservative government is proposing legislation that closer to the “get tough approach”  The Tackling Violent Crime Act of 2008 increased mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes Types of Crime prevention strategies 3 Types: Nurturant Strategy – attempts to forestall development of criminality by improving early life experiences and channeling child and adolescent development into desirable directions Protection/avoidance Strategy – attempts to reduce criminal opportunities by changing peoples routine actives, increasing guardianship or incapacitating convicted offenders Deterrence Strategy – attempts to diminish motivation for crime by increasing the perceived certainty, severity or celerity of penalties Recen
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