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February 10, 2014

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SOCI 3020
Amina Mire

Race and Ethnicity February 10, 2014 Todays reading: Beyoncé Black face is a metaphor for one of the most profound symbol (much like the swastika) of black culture. Blaming others and black facing responsibility What happened when black celebrity Themes for today • Colour blind racism • Commodity racism • Globalizations and commodification of whiteness in the black-facing of Beyoncé • Reading beyond Beyoncé in blackface through critical lenses-to show it works through the US cultural hegemony of commodification of difference. Note how Beyoncé is presented as a victim of white racism • “You’d imagine she would have been wary. For one thing, the fashion industry is still regularly accused of whitewashing. For another, French outlets are notorious for their ability to move past racial stereotypes-take the example of the French press questioning whether its team messed up the 2010 world cup because it had too many black players.” (The guardian 2011) • Poor Beyoncé- she had no idea about the meaning of these racializing tropes. - Blackness has been marketed. ­film t
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