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Chapter 10

NSE11 Chapter 10: Theory week 10 objectives

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elizabeth Logardis

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Theory Week 10 Objectives 1. How does Chopporian describe the concept of the environment within nursing? It is the immediate surroundings or circumstances of the individual. It is also the source of stimuli to which individuals respond to or where people accommodate, assimilate, or adjust to the prevailing social customs and expectations of a society. In nursing literature, it is regarded as society or the setting to which people adapt to or conform. 2. What new roles does Chopoorian propose for nurses? Recommended that nurses undertake certain measures to protect the environment around the ill person: Pure air, pure water, efficient drainage cleanliness, and light. (plz edit if incorrect) Need to include a quality of these interpersonal relationships argued that environment is overlooked by _____ Nurses need to promote the health of all 3. Chopporian Article According to Chopporian, what are the consequences of maintaining the status quo? 4. Chopporian Article What does Chopporian suggest might be the consequences of a reconceptualized environment? Concentrating on the person restricts nursing interventions to institutionally, confined settings many people who would most benefit from nursing services dont access despite health promotion efforts, communitybased nursing practice centers have not received enough support to establish new forms of health services individualized attention for persons contributes to the tendency of society and the healthy system to misutilized professional nursing personnel nurses are restricted from broader applications of their knowledge 5. Hardill: What does Hardill mean when she writes that articulating the existence of poor conditions as a means to political change is naive? Describe an example from her paper. p.92 if only people knew about the squalid conditions people endured, such conditions would be remedied.She wrote, to my inexperience it seemed certain that conditions such as these were allowed because people did not know [emphasis Walds], and for me there was a challenge to know and to tell (Wald, 1915, p. 8).Here, Wald articulates the
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