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Chapter 4

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Marketing Management I COMM 223Winter 2013Chapter 4 Sustainable MarketingBullfrog Power Provides consumers and business affordable ways to reduce their impact on the environment they successfully convinced consumers to pay an extra 2040 for their product they are basically an energy provider but all their energy comes from renewable sourcesDoublebottomline company bottom lines are under profit and the environmentRely heavily on social media and public relations to get their message across1Sustainable MarketingSustainable marketing marketing that meets the present needs of consumers and businesses as well as preservesenhances the ability of future generations to meet their needsMust be able to meet need consumer and business needs NOW and in the FUTUREoEx McDonalds had great profit margins by selling their fatty salty burgers But as the nation became more unhealthy consumers turned to healthier eating optionsSocietal marketing concept future welfare of consumers Strategic planning concept considers future company needsSustainable marketing concept considers bothoEx McDonalds has begun offering healthier meal options to healthconscious consumers and has also funded numerous communitygeared health and fitness programs and sports teams the company also uses more environmentally friendly packaging and is not well positioned for a sustainable future2Social Criticisms of MarketingMarketings impact on individual consumersoHigh PricesCritics say that prices are higher because of marketingHigh costs of distribution greedy channel intermediaries that provide inefficientduplicate services mark up prices beyond their value resellers argue that markups reflect convenience and better service that consumers would receiveHigh Advertising and Promotion Costs Products that are promoted more are usually more expensive Advil VS Personnelle Marketers agree that advertising increases costs but it also promotes the reliability of brandsExcessive Markups Ex Funeral parlours charge extra because of the emotional instability of customers Marketers argue that most business try to deal with customers as fairly as possible to develop good customer relationshipsoDeceptive PracticesDeceptive pricing falsely advertising factory or wholesale prices or a large reduction from a fake higher original price pointDeceptive packaging exaggerating package contents to settle design using misleading labeling or describing signs misleading termsThe Competition Bureau acts as a watchdog to prevent such practicesBig issue today Green products The Bureau investigates if these claims are trueBiggest problem defining what is deceptive MasterCard priceless campaign these dreams actually are not priceless so people develop an enjoynowpaylater syndromeoHighPressure SellingPeople often say that salespeople pressure consumers into buying goods are often sold not bought but marketers have little gain from this bc its usually a onetime gain
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