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Textbook Notes for Commerce at Concordia University

CONCORDIACOMM 226onlineWinter

COMM 226 Chapter Notes - Chapter ASSIGNMENT: Catalogues Of Fundamental Stars

OC4199641 Page
3 Mar 2015
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CONCORDIACOMM 217Christine NamaanFall

COMM 217 Chapter 1-13: COMM 217 Chapter 1-5: Financial Accounting Notes All Chapters

OC50230772 Page
10 Feb 2016
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CONCORDIACOMM 320Robert NasonFall

COMM 212 Chapter 1 to 11: COMM 212 Lecture 1: NEW comm 212 notes.docx

OC39473051 Page
24 Jan 2015
Flatter organizations: hierarchies may be flattened as companies strive for cost- savings, efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability, the democra
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COMM 220 Chapter Notes -Foreign Exchange Spot, Interest Rate Parity, Spot Contract

OC2835858 Page
9 Jun 2014
Part 2 - interest rate parity and covered interest arbitrage. Exchange rates are not only important for considering the trade of goods and services, bu
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CONCORDIACOMM 215wissamnawfalWinter

COMM 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7-15: Tachykinin Receptor 1, Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution

OC11391434 Page
17 Jan 2017
One or two-tails with z and t value. Z: p-value= 2 (0. 5 p(z) ) t : p-value check table. Ha: at least 1 of the expected probabilities is different. Exp
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CONCORDIACOMM 220Loretta HungWinter

COMM 220 Chapter 1-3, 6-11: COMM 220 chapters 1-3, 6-11

OC93961342 Page
25 Apr 2016
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CONCORDIACOMM 215Shahla Hodai- HemamiFall

COMM 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Bihari Brothers, Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension, King Randor

OC73332713 Page
8 Nov 2016
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CONCORDIACOMM 315Ross RobinsFall

COMM 315 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Sunset Provision, Retirement Age, Extraterritoriality

OC112581219 Page
2 Sep 2016
Simple states that law is a set of rules and guidelines by which a society has come to accept as a way of living and conducting itself. Governing body
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CONCORDIACOMM 220Somers BertramWinter

COMM 220 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Ceteris Paribus, Takers, Reservation Wage

OC67269610 Page
9 Feb 2016
In order to use these notes as effectively as possible, it is advised to fully understand the principles demonstrated here rather than memorizing them.
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CONCORDIACOMM 215Wissam NawfalWinter

COMM 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Squared Deviations From The Mean, Frequency Distribution, Statistic

OC159147133 Page
7 Apr 2017
The science of describing the important characteristics of a population or sample. We sample from a population to make inferences about the population.
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CONCORDIACOMM 217Ahmad HammamiFall

COMM 217 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Statement Of Changes In Equity, International Accounting Standards Board, International Financial Reporting Standards

OC159019517 Page
1 Oct 2017
Chapter 1 | financial statements and business decisions: the statement of financial position. Reports the financial position (amount of assets, liabili
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CONCORDIACOMM 222Barbara RedaWinter

COMM 222 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Self-Determination, Expectancy Theory, Belongingness

OC11391432 Page
4 Oct 2017
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