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Chapter 6


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COMM 222

CHAPTER 6MOTIVATION IN PRACTICECase WestJet AirlinesMoney as a motivatorpay is in fact a very important motivatorPiecerate a pay system in which individual workers are paid a certain sum of money for each unit of production completedWage incentive plans various systems that link pay to performance on production jobsPotential problems with wage incentivesLowered quality wage incentives can increase productivity at the expense of qualityDifferential opportunity some workers may be at an unfair disadvantage under an incentive programReduced cooperation fear of earning less No help or maintenanceIncompatible Job Design it may be very difficult to implement wage incentives big teams vs smallRestriction of productivity the artificial limitation of work output can occur under wage incentive plans Workers feel that increased productivity will lead to reductions in the workforce or reduce the rate of payment to cut labour costsJob Design as a motivator the use of money as a motivator is primarily an attempt to capitalize on extrinsic motivation Job design represents an attempt to capitalize on intrinsic motivationTraditional views of job design job simplification According to Taylor specialization was the key to efficient productivity He also advocated careful standardization and regulation of work activities and rest pausesJob scope can be defined as the breadth and depth of a jobBreadth refers to the number of different activities performed on the jobDepth refers to the degree of discretion or control the worker has over how these tasks are performedHigh scope manager professor vs Low scope traditional assembly line jobHigh breadth but little depth for motivational purposes we can also consider these jobs to be relatively low in scope The motivational theories we discussed in the previous chapter suggest that highscope jobs both broad and deep should provide more intrinsic motivation than lowscope jobsStretch assignments offer employees challenging opportunities to broaden their skills by working on a variety of tasks with new responsibilities Job rotation also effective for developing new skills and expertise that can prepare employees for future jobsThe Job Characteristics Model Proposes that there are several core job characteristics that have a certain psychological impact on workersCore job characteristics LOOK POWERPOINT SLIDE9Skill variety the opportunity to do a variety of job activities using various skills and talentsExp Meaning of the workTask identity the extent to which a job involves doing a complete piece of work from beginning to endExp Meaning of the workTask significance the impact that a job has on other peopleExp Meaning of the workAutonomy the freedom to schedule ones own work activities and decide work proceduresExp responsibility for outcome of workFeedback information about the effectiveness of ones work performance Knowledge of actual results of work activities
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