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CHAPTER 3 PERCEPTION ATTRIBUTION AND DIVERSITYCase Canada Post diversityPerception process of interpreting the messages of our senses to provide order and meaning to the environment Interpreting rather than reality itselfComponents of perceptionThe perceiver experience needs and emotions affect perceptionsThe target interpretation and addition of meaning to the targetThe situation can affect perceptionPerceptual defence tendency for the perceptual system to defend the perceiver against unpleasant emotionsSocial identity theory people form perceptions of themselves based on their characteristics and memberships in social categories Personal identity is based on our unique personal characteristics Social identity is based on our perception the we belong to various social groups gender nationality religion occupation etcPrototypes embodying the most typical attributes of members of a categorySocial identities are relational and comparative If the situation changes so might the categorization and the relation between the perceiver and the targetBruners model of perceptual process unfamiliar target encounteredopenness to target cuesfamiliar cues encounteredtarget categorizedcue selectivitycategorization strengthenBasic biases in person perceptionPrimacy effect tendency for a perceiver to rely on early cues or first impressionsRecency effect tendency for a perceiver to rely on recent cues or last impressionsReliance on central traits personal characteristics of the target that are
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