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CHAPITRE 2 INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOURCASE DundeeWealth Health is Wealth and PepsiCo HealthRoadsLearning is a critical requirement for effective organizational behaviour must be continuous and lifelongHow can organizations change employees lifestyle behaviour What learning principles and theories are involvedPersonality the relatively stable set of psychological characteristics that influences the way an individual interacts with this or her environment Genetic predisposition and by ones longterm learning history Although personality is relatively stable it is certainly susceptible to change through adult learning experiencesDISPOSITIONAL APPROACH individuals possess stable traits or characteristics that influence their attitude and behavioursSITUATIONAL APPROACH characteristics of the organizational setting such as rewards and punishment influence peoples feelings attitudes and behaviourINTERACTIONIST APPROACH organizational behaviour is a function of both dispositions and the situation There is no one best personality and managers need to appreciate the advantages of employee diversity A key concept is fit putting the right people in the right job group or organization and exposing different employees to different management stylesFivefactor model of personalityExtraversion outgoing vs shy High extraverts enjoy social situationsimportant for interpersonal jobsEmotional stabilityneuroticism appropriate emotional control high stabilitylow neuroticismAgreeableness friendly and approachable warm considerate altruistic cooperative eager to help othersConscientiousness responsible and ach
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