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COMM 226 Chapter Notes -Human Resources, Sales Process Engineering, Six Sigma

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COMM 226
Marc- Andre Leger

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Q1: what are the fundamental types of processes in organizations?
Business process as a sequence of activities for accomplishing a
Activity as a task within a business process and resources as the items,
such as people computers data and document collection necessary to
accomplish an activity.
Actors are resources who are either humans or computers
Finally a role is a subset of activities in a business process that is
performed by a particular actors
Examples of process
For example sarah pizza restaurant, five processes are need to fulfill a
pizza order.
Order- assemble, bake, package, and deliver
Scope of process
We organize process into three categories, Strategic, managerial, and
Operational processes are commonplace, routine, everyday business
processes. At the pizza shop these include ordering suppliers, and ringing
up customers Transaction processing systems help in this processes
Managerial processes concern resource use. These processes include
planning, assessing, and analyzing the resources used by the company in
pursuit its objectives. Information systems that facilitate managerial
processes are sometimes call MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Strategic process seek to resolve issues that have long range impact on
the organization these processes have broad scope and impact most of
the firm. Information systems that support strategic process are
sometimes called executive support systems (ESS)
Objective of processes
An objective is a desired goal on organization has decided to pursue.
An effective objective helps achieve organizational strategy, sarah pizza
shop depends heavily on pizza sales to college
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An Efficient objective seeks more output with the same inputs or the
same output with fewer inputs. The pizza shop might try to improve the
efficiency of the deliver process
In other words efficiency is doing things right, whereas effectiveness is
doing the right things
Q2: what are examples of common business processes?
Inbound logistics processes
Inbound logistics receives, stores and disseminates product input
Procurement is an operational process that acquires goods and services
procurement activities at the pizza shop include ordering ingredients and
boxes, as week as receiving and paying for those items
Operation processes
Operations transform inputs into outputs, operation processes schedule
the equipment, people and facilities
An example of a management operations process is scheduling
maintenance on the ovens
Outbound logistics process
Outbound logistics process collect store and distribute products to buyers.
Outbound logistics processes concern the management of finished goods
inventory and the movement of goods from that inventory to the customer
An operational outbound process is the sales process
Sales and marketing processes- self explanatory
Service processes
Providing after sales and customer support. Includes track orders,
customer support and customer support training
Human resources
Human resources process asses the motivations and skills of employees;
create job position; investigate employee complaints; and staff, train, and
evaluate personnel
Technology development
Technology development processes include designing, testing, and
developing technologies in support of the primary activities
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