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COMM 320
Robert Nason

HR Chapter 6 notes I. APERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Aset of integrated (thống nhứt) management practices  maximize employee potential; and helps increase employees’satisfaction. Employees feel that they are more valued by organization when their performances are reviewed. PRIMARYPURPOSE of performance reviews is to improve FUTURE perf. Managing performance is a continuous process; it is a central to everyday manger’s works. Managers provide feedback, coaches, and monitors to help employees meet their objectives and organization goals. II. MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 1. Setting a clear expectation 2. Having standard of performance 3. Providing support, coach to help employees meet their objectives 4. Focus on accomplishment 5. Celebrate and recognize good performance 6. Create action to improve performance  Purpose of Managing Performance a. Compensation: fair b. Administrative: use for succession planning, promotion, transfer c. Measurement of performance: accomplishment, influence employees’behaviour, and improve org. performance d. Developmental: feedback on strength and weakness, eliminate potential prob and training needs  Why Failed III. STEPIN AN EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 1. Clarifying the work needs to be done 2. Setting goals and Establish a performance plan: not on quantitative but on quality HR Chapter 6 notes 3. Regularly and frequently coach: not fault-finding or blaming. It is to avoid cost of firing and recruiting. 4. Conducting a Formal review of performance 5. Recognize and reinforcement performance 6. Complying with the Law  Performance must be job-related: help to avoid bias, unreasonable fired.  An appeal procedure should be established  Employee should be given written copy of performance standards:  Manager must observe the behaviour they are assessing.  Managers must be trained to understand their role in managing performance  Reviews should be openly discussed. Who Should Provide Perfromance Information  Managers/supervisors  Peer review:  Self-review  Team review  Sub
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