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Chapter 8

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COMM 320

Entrepreneurship Chapter 8IntrapreneurshipIntrapreneurship Development of entrepreneurship within a corporate contextTerm intrapreneur created to describe those who acted like entrepreneurs within existing companiesInterest for this has risen because ofoThe blurring of boundaries between the formal and informal labor marketsoA change in attitudes towards entrepreneurshipoIncreasing rates of product and market obsolescenceoThe technological revolutionoEconomic uncertainties leading to changing and unstable market conditionsoPressures to discard unnecessary overhead and externalize previously internalized servicesThis is in essence an attempt to integrate the strengths of a small firm flexibility creativity innovation nearness to market with the market power and financial resources of large companiesIntrapreneurs risk their jobs their companys reputation money credibility and market shareThere are many scenarios described by intrapreneurshipoThe development of an overall climate of entrepreneurship at the corporate leveloIntracorporateventurescreating new ventures within the existing organizationoInitiatives from employees within the organization to take on something newoRationalization of the business including management personnelAreas of difference between new ventures and intrapreneurship 1Business environmentaEntrepreneurial teams will gradually understand what the right rules for running a business are while staff in a corporate venture team will be restricted by the rules and procedures governing the companybTo be successful intrapreneurial teams should be given the necessary flexibilityc New independent ventures usually have more freedom than corporate ventures2Establishing a new ventureaIndependent ventures seek external financing from venture capitalists and angle investors for exampleIf one of these rejects they can always go see another onebIntrapreneurial ventures must seek financing from the parent company and if they are denied the project is thrown out and cannot be pursued
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