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COMM 320

Business Communication COMM 212 Prof M PicardChapter 1Multiple Choice Questions1 Good communication matters in business because A everyone communicates for a livingB its impossible to work in an office setting without communicating by writing or orallyC it reflects who you are professionallyD all of the aboveAnswer DPage Ref 22 The ability to communicate effectively is A a hard skillB a soft skillC a medium skillD not a skill at allAnswer BPage Ref 23 Of the following items which is not an essential component of the changes currently happening in the workplaceA Knowledge economyB Postsecondary educationC Teambased work environmentsD Flattened hierarchiesE Highly competitive global marketsAnswer BPage Ref 34 The worlds economy is increasingly A nationalisticB patrioticC globalD isolatedAnswer CPage Ref 45 Some of the benefits of a flattened organization are A cost savingsB efficiencyC shorter communication chainsD All of the aboveE None of the aboveAnswer EPage Ref 46 Which of the items is not an aspect of intercultural sensitivityA Respecting differences in customsB Respecting differences in religionsC Respecting differences in time zonesD Respecting differences in business etiquetteAnswer CPage Ref 47 Which of the following in not an example of Web 20 technologyA BlogsB WikisC TelephonesD Social networking platformsAnswer CPage Ref 58 Communication theory does not help to explain A what happens when we communicateB why certain symbols mean different thingsC how we learn to speakD why communication breaks downAnswer CPage Ref 69 Which of the following disciplines share theories and assumptions about communicationA LawB PhilosophyC SociologyD All of the aboveAnswer DPage Ref 7
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