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Chapter 1 Getting the Message AcrossABusiness Communication as a Path to SuccessGood communication plays a crucial role in building credibility and upholding standards of accountability in a global business environment where relationships thrive on trustDelivering info effectively can depend on a fine balance between you and your audience between a commitment to your business goals and an awareness of the needs of your audience The ability to communicate effectively is thought of as a soft skill a social interpersonal or language skill that complements a persons technical skills Versus hard skill a technical skill a person requires for a specific job Nonetheless research has shown that communication is important to success 2005 Canadian Advanced Technology Alliancerevealed communication has a top leadership skillBenefits of good communicationEnhanced problemsolving and decisionmakingIncreased efficiency workflow and productivityImproved professional image business relationships and group dynamicsBCommunicating for a Changing WorkplaceKnowledge economy workplace much more diverse and nature of work changed Knowledge worker makes and sells idea based product software musicdesign vs raw material beforeAdvantage the value of knowledge products cab dramatically increase as the global market expandsChallenge ensure there is continued RD to draw on an educated workforce trained in critical thinking and to fight the problem of brain drain Brian drain the loss of experts to other countriesSearch engines eg Googlemade acquisition of knowledge more democraticAge of information makes researchers of us allFlatter organization as organizations strive for greater costsavings efficiency competitiveness and sustainability management hierarchies may be flattened with fewer divisions more teamwork Decentralization and democratization of the workplace fewer managers in the middle to pass along and interpret directions makes for shorter communication chainsthus every individual must be a skilled communicator More participatory business management where communication helps to build trust and understanding and motivate othersBusiness on a Global Scalethe worlds economy is becoming increasingly global Why Netscape promoting the freeflow on information Softwares Paypal promoting wider cooperationsOpensourcingOutsourcing and offshoringamplifiers that are digital virtual mobile and personal WiFi cellphones The ability to communicate across cultural barriers and to exercise intercultural sensitivity by respecting differences in cultures and business etiquette is crucial to succeed in this new global economy Diverse employee base without this deep talent pool Canada could very well lose out across diverse groupsEg RBC calls it the diversity advantageMore than ever extra effort has to be made in creating a work environment where all individuals are valued and their voices heardTeam Work environments we now communicate and collaborate more than ever before
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