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CHAPTER 15ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONSOPENING EXAMPLEUnited Way wanted share of compassionRelies of donated media space1 ADVERTISINGpaid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor13 billionyear1Set objectives communication and sales23Set budget affordable approach percentage of sales competitive parity objective and task4Develop strategies message and media decisions5Evaluate campaign impact2 SETTING ADVERTISING OBJECTIVESSpecific communication task specific target audience specific amount of timeInformative ads usually used for new products to build demandPersuasive ads build selective demand with competitionComparative ads compare with other brandsReminder ads for mature productsSome ads want you to buy now others want to focus on longterm rel with cust2 Setting Advertising BudgetDepends on stage in product life cycle market share and difference from competitionSome spend too much some too litteNeed good judgement3 Advertising StrategyCreating ads and selecting mediaNeed to mesh both to have greatest impact BMW MINI campaign4 Creating Advertising Messa
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