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Chapter 14

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MARK 201

CHAPTER 14 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGYTelevisionand magazine ads are not enoughdigital marketing is the new thingUnilevereach of their lines has a website In the Motherhood webisodesIs motherhood messing with your hairSuave 1 PROMOTION MIXMARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIXblend of promo tools company uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationshipsprimary communication activitiesads pr personal selling sales promo directmarketing used to communicate customer value1Advertising paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promo of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor broadcast print Internet outdoor2Sales promotion shortterm incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service discounts coupons displays and demos3Personal selling personal presentation by the firms sales force to make sales and build customer relationships sales presentations trade shows and incentive programs4Public relations building good relations with companys various public by getting favorable publicity having a good corporate image and getting rid of rumours stories and events press releases sponsorships special events and web pages5Direct marketing direct individual connections with customers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate long lasting customer relationships catalogues phone marketing kiosks internet mobileProduct design price shape and colour of packaging also part of this2 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONSUsed to do mass marketing now marketing has changediNew Marketing Communications LandscapeConsumer has changed more informed can use the web to gain infodont rely on marketer anymoreEasier to connect with other consumers to talk and create own marketing messagesNo more massmarketing looking more at micromarketing and fragmented marketsEasier to build closer relationships with customersThe new communication tech allows companies to communicate with customers in new ways and gives consumer more control over nature and timing of messages they choose to send and receiveiiShifting Marketing Communications ModelSpeciality magazines email podcasts cellphones and online social networksNARROWCASTINGno more broadcastingNew technology lets companies converse with consumersAim to broaden the bran experienceBecause of TiVo people can skip commercialsthis type of marketing is dying chaos scenarioCan watch TV on IPods need to find different ways to catch each consumerTV is still widely used there are simply other optionsNeed to bridge the media divideiiiNeed for Integrated MarketingMarketers can have conflicting messages regarding the sales literatureConfuses the consumer who sees it all as the same message from the companyCompanies separate different ads depending on each ones purposeconsumer doesnt do thisBlurred bran perceptionsIntegrated marketing communications IMC integrate many communication channels to deliver a clear consist and compelling message about the organization and its brands ties together all messages and imagesNIKON wanted to show that even regular people can take great pictures gave cameras to real people and used their pics in ads gave supporting website and the event showed a unified messageMust recognize all touchpoints that customer will encounter with companybrandBrand Contactdelivers a messageeverything they do is MEDIAWant to have consistent and positive imagebuild strong relationships with customers
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