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Chapter 16

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CHAPTER 16 PERSONAL SELLING AND SALES PROMOTIONCDW Corporation1 electronics wholesalerServe small and midsize businessesWork closely with customers to help solve their problemsSales reps are heavily trainedCircle of Service 1 PERSONAL SELLINGEveryone lives by selling somethingStevensonFocus on building relationshipsSelling doesnt just happen in businesses schools churches museumsaThe Nature of Personal SellingDef Personal presentation by the firms sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationshipsToday maintain longterm customer relationshipsBoeing aerospace have a big team of company specialists orders aremust keep in touch with customersSalesperson individual representing company to customers by prospecting communicating selling servicing information gathering or relationship buildingbRole of the Sales ForceInterpersonal marketing is notMore effectivelearn more about customers problemsIBM and DuPont work directly with customersPG and Nike work behind the sceneswholesalers and retailersLinking Company with CustomersoSalespeople serve seller and buyerrepresent company to customers and visaversaoApproach customers present products answer questions negotiate and close dealsoInform company of customer concernsoLearn about customer needsosalespersonowned loyaltyif customers are loyal to their rep loyal to companyoIf rep is bad poor relationship with customerCoordinating Marketing and SalesoSales force and marketing departments should work together to bring customer valueoNeed to increase communications and create joint assignmentsoNeed to create opportunities for them to work together plan events go on salescalls together help create advertisements etcoMarketingsales liaisons people from marketing who live with the sales forceoChiefrevenue officer highlevel marketing executive overseeing marketing and salescommon goal of creating value or customers2 MANAGING THE SALES FORCE Sales force management analysis planning implementation and control of sales force activitiesdesigning sales force strategy and structure recruiting selecting training supervising compensating and evaluating salespeoplea Designing Sales Force Strategy and Structurei SALES FORCE STRUCTURETerritorial sales force structure each salesperson has exclusive geographic areaNeed to build relationships with local customers travel expenses are smallEach person reports to someone differentProduct sales force structure salespeople specialize in selling a portion of companys product linesGE functions this wayProblem with this is that a customer may purchase from many different product lineshave to have a separate agent for everything Cardinal HealthCustomer sales force structurespecialize only in selling to specific customersindustries
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