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MGMT 2601

GoodLife Fitness Report 4 An assessment by: James Lindsay Due: March 28, 2013 KM Topic of Interest “The fast and consistent will always beat slow and steady.” (Makani, 2013) This report will exhibit the way forward for knowledge management in the professional world of business. The report will be covering reasons why KM is important, how it affects organizations and more specifically how it has affected GoodLife Fitness. In addition, this report will evaluate the past policy document, making changes and recommendations to further develop the policy. NeedsAnalysis on Knowledge Management Background According to David Derbyshire, “Scientists have worked out exactly how much data is sent to a typical person in the course of a year- the equivalent of every person in the world reading 174 newspapers every single day.” (Derbyshire, 2011) Derbyshire’s findings suggest that we as a society are in a phase of information overload. It is fair to assume that if his findings are correct, that an organization has significantly higher amounts of information passing through their systems on a daily basis. This increase in information directly reveals how instrumental KM practices are to the business world. Desired Result The issue presented is that of understanding where Knowledge management is headed in the future. Is it just a current trend?As noted above, Knowledge Management is not only seen as an important ideal, but Lisa Quast of Forbes.com lists three reasons for why actively managing knowledge management is key to the success of any organization. Mrs. Quast listed facilitates decision-making capabilities, builds learning organizations by making learning routine and, stimulates cultural change and innovation. ( 2012, Quast) Report 1:Assessment Employees and Structure GoodLife is a remarkably well-managed company. Through personal training, motivation, caring staff and overall comfortable setting, GoodLife has demonstrated why it was named into the top 50 best-managed companies in Canada. (Teamwork that spells success, 2011) This was an outstanding feat as it showed the dedication and relentless work ethic of its staff members to the well being of the company. The head office for GoodLife fitness is located in London, Ontario. This is where CEO David Patchell-Evans configures the staff and structure of this Canadian owned and operated company. It all starts with the front-line staff. They are the ones who day-in and day-out greet members of the facility and recruit future members to be apart of the organization. The personal-trainers provide the clients with expert advise on how to work the machines, solve dietary problems, and provide motivation to reach the goals listed. The managers of each club obviously play an enormous role in creating the type of active environment that GoodLife has created. Assessment GoodLife is a very interesting business to assess, as while the CEO and any outside information regard GoodLife as an elite managed business. This may not be so true. GoodLife believes that its employees are very active in the work environment. Upon review, it was quickly realized, that the members of the staff would only drift towards members that were on the trial phase of their membership. Thus it became obvious that the motives of the employees were not to keep members but rather recruit new ones. It was found that the personal trainers and employees roaming around the gym would not provide clients with any of their own tacit knowledge to those that did not pay for it. If a member was doing a particularly hard activity in a harmful manner, no different instruction was provided. While it can be noted that these observations were only seen on a short-term basis, it still provide insight into the employees make up. The employee participation may not have been up to par yet the active involvement in the information knowledge sector was quite impressive. GoodLife has embraced the new era of technology with open arms. Upon observation, it was keenly observed that each member had to only scan a barcode to get into the gym. The members could do it themselves or have the aid of the staff. This barcode would than show the staff how many times the member has been in the facility, when he was list there and if there were any services he had listed on his account, such as towels. This service could be enhanced by providing the ability for customer’s to sign up through either an application or on-line for specific classes. This would give the customers the ability to review what classes are available and which ones they are signed up for. Report 2:Assessment Purpose The purpose of this policy is to ensure communication amongst GoodLife’s branches and the staff within each branch. To facilitate a specific type of culture whereby innovation, knowledge sharing and respect of other’s ideas are openly accepted. Rules and Regulations Create a networking community inclusive of all the branches where innovation and freethinking are not only accepted but also rewarded. There could be various merchandise, benefits and monetary rewards for successfully sharing information.An E-learning database would be very useful to further understanding the specific information coming in from the various employees. E-learning is defined as systems that provide support for learning, comprehension, and better understanding of the new knowledge to be acquired. (Dalkir, 2011) An E-learning application would allow all members of GoodLife to access the shared information and learn from what others are trying to say through various lectures, and tutoring systems. Recommendations It would be fairly difficult to implement this particular system as it is not just about a specific program or technology. Aculture must be created amongst the staff, a culture of innovation, sharing and respect. The KPMG example in the textbook is a very good example of how expensive it could be to implement the above solution. KPMG essentially invested over a year and approximately 100 million into creating a program of knowledge sharing. (Dalkir, 2011) This program is a very good example into how costly it could be to implement a practice where communication would increase. The Investment however would be greatly compensated by the increased amount of information being shared among staff and branches, thus increasing profits. Report 3:Assessment Purpose The purpose of this policy is to acknowledge the specific areas in which GoodLife demonstrates exceptional Organizational Culture and Improve on the areas in which it does not. Problem Identified Recently debated in tutorial, was the notion of the cost associated with improvement or shifting of organizational culture. Among the classes were individuals who felt it was possible to purchase a specific program to be implemented and that while it was a risk it, could pay off heavily for the organization. The answer decided upon by the teaching assistant, w
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