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MGMT 2803

1 MGMT 2803 Case 2: Pursuing Information Systems Technology in the Public Sector By: James Lindsay B00529452 March 27,2013 Professor D. Eisan 2 Introduction This case is used to exemplify the difficulty faced with instigating IT technologies into the City of Montreal’s systems. The City is faced with a severe communication breakdown between the managers about implementing and learning the newly created IT related changes. This evaluation will dissect the vital influences behind the design and implementation of these new systems, and provide a response strategy in an attempt to improve the issue. Evaluation The City of Montreal’s information services unit addressed being overwhelmed with requests for assistance by regionalizing their systems development. The specific strategy currently be used is not effective. It requires the immense participation from all levels of the city to successfully implement transformation. In addition, the current managers are cautious about implementing the new IT systems, despite the technical substructure in place at the City of Montreal. The case states no clear reasoning for their lack of interest or fear of implementation however; it is presumed that it is a lack of transparency for the technical aspects of the newly implemented IT systems. Recommendation Management It would be in the City of Montreal’s finest interests to centralize their operations in order to properly manage the introduction of the new IT systems. The current information technology (IT) knowledge is currently assessed and distributed by the 3 information systems unit. Thus, this unit should play a critical role in how information is managed and implemented within the City of Montreal. In addition, due to the extensive expertise of this unit, managers should work closely with the information systems unit to develop the most feasible implementation strategy. Once a sensible implementation strategy is agreed upon, the managers must interact with non IT related employees to get an understanding of what requirements the organization values. Once the requirements are discovered, the managers can use their expertise to design systems, which successfully support employees in their day-to-day duties. Managers can perform a number of tasks to help accommodate the transition to a new information technology system. A support and training system should be created to help foster the development of the staff and ensure employees understand the transition. In order to best clarify the organization’s transitioning goals, clear communication should be used by the managers to illustrate that no jobs or positions will be lost because of the new IT implementation. The front-line managers should discuss with upper-management what is expected of them and what they need, as far as an organizational standpoint, to communicate to the employees. This will allow for crystal clear communication during a very strenuous and chaotic period. Managers must reinforce to the staff that there will be no downsizing or job loss from the introduction and implementation of a new IT program. The newly implemented information technology systems will drastically improve the City of Montreal’s ability to process and manage information co
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