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Chapter Sapson (1991)

PSYO 2080 Chapter Sapson (1991): summmary and main points of the paper.

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PSYO 2080
Hamon- Hill Cindy
Sapson (1991)

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Sampson (1991)
the conventional view of social psychology argues that the main goal of this science
is to describe the reality as it really is and how it really functions. (this has been the
dominant view and how social psychology has been approached)
the socio-historical view of social psychology argues that there is no way to describe
how things really are because reality is factored by the different groups (such as
societies) and their historical bases.
most of the text-books only mention the conventional view and they consider it to
be the most scientific.
he (sampson) creates a metaphor of the believes of each view (socio-historical and
conventional with the world family; conventional would describe family with
facts and traditions, while the socio-historical would say that there is no real objects
to represent family therefore it can be subject to change.
the conventional view have the scientist (or the observe) to be completely outside of
the universe without any standpoint or position NO BIASES).
he socio-historical view, looks into various accounts of reality to understand both
social and historical bases as their respective roles in lives.(scientists have a
conventional = mirror the answer of the actual nature is out there somewhere;
socio-historical = story reality is proposed by what we tell.
(see table 1.1 to view a summarize of the points just discussed)
socio-historical view seems to have given up objectivity and concentrates more
about relativism.
ethno-psychologist (along with the socio-historical view) approaches differently
depending on the culture or society while the conventional view tries to generalize
every single culture to an idea.
but with all this, what is the role of social psychology? according to the conventional
view, scientist (social psychologists) seek answer to just answer a question (to
provide facts about human nature) nothing else; in the other hand, the socio-
historical view only confirms versions of reality (facts are facts only due to the
Sampson then describes the definition of power (the ability to
manipulate how others understand the world)
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