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Soc & Social Anthropology
SOSA 2503
Emma Whelan

Young Gay Men’s Stories in the States: Scripts, sex and safety in the time of AIDS. – Mutchler 4 Dominant Gendered Sexual scripts Guide and Frame Sexual Experiences: 1. Romantic Love 2. Erotic Adventure 3. Safer Sex 4. Sexual Coercion - also Sex for Money script, less common Sexual Script: type of sexual discourse, focused at level of examining sexual behaviors. Useful means of discovering how sex is accomplished in specific interactions. Gagnon & Simon - Individuals construct sexualities in direct collaboration with social and cultural structures shaping their lives 3 Levels of Sexual Scripts - Cultural Scenarios - Interpersonal Scripts - Intrapsychic Scripts Gender roles: Women = romantic love Men = adventure script Patterns – all desire romantic love „fringe benefit‟ = recreational sex Leather sex club “adapted culturally supported guidelines for sharing power and safety to meet his own desires to be in control and to be desired.” Safe context for erotic adventures Industrial Sector Sex Public sex, „cruising,‟ anonymous sex, whatever you want, impedes safe sex, Coercive Sex Sexual interactions involving some form of force or persuasion and resulting in activities unwanted by one or more participants One‟s wishes for sex can be dramatically altered by another person‟s script Conclusions - How young gay men employ safer sex scripts, if at all,is directed by the scripts in their sexual situations - Agency is an individual‟s
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