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Running Head: JOURNAL 1 Medical Diagnosis #2 Urinary Incontinence Lynda Marques NRSG 3015 PNG5 Professional Nursing Practice 4 Clinical Fanshawe College November 8, 2013 Sandra Dunning JOURNAL 2 I decided to do my diagnosis on urinary incontinence due to the fact that almost all the patients on spinal cord are incontinent. Urinary incontinence is the inability to hold urine in the bladder because voluntary control over the sphincter is either lost or weakened. Basically it means that people involuntary leak urine when they do not intend to. In this case, spinal cord injured patients have lost the sensation to know when they have to void so they end up leaking themselves. There are many causes of urinary incontinence such as spinal cord injury, a fistula, enlarged prostate gland, pregnancy, obesity, cystitis, central nervous system problems, age, surgical procedures,ect. There are also many different types of incontinence such as stress incontinences caused by laughing, coughing or lifting heavy things, urge incontinence caused by the sound of running water, sex or a sudden change in position, overflow incontinence caused by damaged bladder or blocked urethra, mixed incontinence which is both stress and urge mixed, functional incontine
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