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Chapter 11

BUS 252 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Psychographic, Online Advertising, Polskie Radio Program Iii

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BUS 252

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Chapter 11: Emarketing and Advertising
The concept of emarketing has gone through a rapid cycle of development over the past few year from
introduction to craze, decline, and stabilization.
Emarketing is the utilization of internet and electronic technologies to assist in the creation,
implementation, and evaluation of marketing strategy.
The emarketing process progresses through a cycle similar to other business initiatives.
The concept of emarketing is closely related to customer relationship management (CRM) but is a
broader concept that businesses need to consider.
The CRM application may also be the tool used to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns.
An important focus of emarketing is brand creation and brand reinforcement.
A brand is a name, term, symbol, design, or combination of these attributes that is used to differentiate
a product or service from its competitors.
Emarketing can help create brand awareness that can attract visitors to an ebusiness website and
potentially convert them to buyers.
A strong brand can build customer confidence, loyalty, and satisfaction, and in the long run, it can help
an ebusiness reduce its marketing costs, improve its margin, and extend the developed to new products
and services.
Developing a strong brand requires the following an understanding of the target customer.
1. Competitor monitoring
2. Compelling communication program
3. Consistent, reliable product delivery and service performance
The creation of an emarketing strategy requires the use of both traditional and online tools.
It is essential during the formulation of the emarketing strategy that the relationship between the
emarketing strategy and the overall organizational strategy be thoroughly considered, to ensure
consistency and to achieve synergies that can benefit the business.
The research process should provide management with the information necessary to define the
segments in their market.
A market segment is a group of customers who share common needs and/or characteristics the selling
firm may be able to satisfy.
The primary methods of marketing segmentation include demographics, geography, psychographics and
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