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Chapter 14

BUS 252 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Linkedin, E-Procurement, Retail

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BUS 252

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Chapter 14: Ecommerce and Small Business
E-commerce has brought a great deal of growth and opportunity to the small business sector.
The importance of the small business sector to the economy of Canada and, in fact, to the economies of
many countries throughout the world cannot be overstated.
Soon after the ecommerce era began, large organizations and many high-growth firms shifted their
focus from the business-to-consumer (B2C) market to the business-to-business (B2B) market and left a
massive opportunity for the right individuals wishing to launch ebusinesses in the B2C arena.
The internet is now ubiquitous, with high speed reaching most customers and mobile internet access
being the norm. Many businesses are targeting mobile users with innovative approaches.
Security remains an issue, especially as it relates to viruses and phishing, but more safeguards are in
place, and the general population is much more sophisticated in detecting such threats then they once
The small business owners must also look to how other small business have overcome some of the
challenges of matching technology and ecommerce use to the small business setting.
Over the past few years, the use of mobile devices has become a much more important part of this mix.
The opportunity for ecommerce use in small business are many, and have been realized across
numerous industries and geographic regions around the world.
The benefits can include access to new market, improved customer responsiveness, increased flexibility,
enhanced profits, increased innovations and better-managed resources.
The use of the internet can be benefit to small businesses across many functional area.
The use of the internet can be valuable in the key areas of marketing, customer support, market
intelligence, procurement, operations, sales transactions, public relations, and employee retention and
The capability to market products and services to a wide audience at a reasonable cost was one of the
first drivers of business to the internet.
In addition to attracting new customers, small businesses have found that online adverting has provided
valuable, targeted marketing campaigns that have resulted in increased business decisions.
One of the key reasons the internet is valuable to small business for customer support is the availability
of websites 24/7.
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