CRIM 1115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Domestic Violence, Nimby, Restorative Justice

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30 Jul 2016
Chapter 3
Crime rate: number of incidents known to police expressed in terms of number of people in
population. (Per 100,000)
Dark figure of crime: Difference between how much crime occurs
and how much crime is reported to or
discovered by police
(Found through surveys etc)
Why people don't report: -fear
-small crime, doesn't matter.
-little police can do (no belief in police)
Crime trends:
police reported crime rate has declined and is at its lowest level since 1972
crime severity index (includes volume and seriousness of police reported crime) declined
in past decade
rate of crime are highest in territories and in the western regions of country. **
Crime in First Nations and Inuit communities:
-aboriginal women= most vulnerable to crime
- women seek shelters 100+km away
-high rates in crime and victimization among aboriginals.
Victims of crime: (self surveys report)
over 25% of Canadians report being the victim of a crime
victimization is higher in western Canada
break/enter is more likely to be reported to the police than physical assaults
majority of violent crime victims= under 30
aboriginal women 3x more likely than another nationality to report that they have been
victim of spousal abuse.
Fear of crime and risks of victimization:
Greater in areas with high proportion of low income families, residence of minorities and
lone-parent family.
residents who identify social disorder in their neighbourhood also report higher levels of
fear of crime
Citizens 65+ tend to be more fearful of crime as are those persons who have been
Age(15-24), gender(Female) and marital status(Single) have highest rates of being
violently victimized .
Victums of Crime and the CJS:
Federal and Provincial Legislation sets out rights of victims and defines their role in the
Justice Process.
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find more resources at
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