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Chapter 3

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Criminology : criminal events and approaches towards them (Ch3) Researching criminal events How do we know what we know? and what we know any good Several approaches  Direct observation in natural settings  Experimental observations  Police reports  Victimizations surveys  Offender reports and self report surveys Direct observation  Not necessarily the most efficient manner to research crime  Criminal events occur with relative frequency  Criminals spend a lot of their time doing same things as no criminals THE SECRET LIVES OF CRIMINALS  Criminal behavior secretive in nature  Criminals avoid observation or detection Some other dilemmas  If researchers succeed in observing criminal behavior what do they do  Researchers may end up being victims themselves if they hang out in high crime areas  What happens if they are seen by the offenders to be observing their criminal behavior EXPERIMENTING ON HUMANS  ISSUES OF INFORMED CONSENT (IF U TELL THE SUBJECTS WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO THEY MAY REFUSE OR ALTER THEIR BEHAVIOUR)  If you encourage subjects to break the law you may be breaking the law yourself The dark figure of recording  Wide variations in reporting practices across the country  Professionalism and degree of organization of particular police department may be a factor Other complicating factors  The crime funnel  Canada’s policy on collection of race crime information THE CRIME FUNNEL  Describes attrition rate as reported crimes make their way through the criminal justice system  For most crimes known to the police nobody gets arrested  Arrest usually does not lead to a tr
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