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Chapter 5

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PSYC 1115

Modern Views What did Freud do for Psychological Science and Personality Research? -A talking cure -“free-association”, “stream of consciousness” -Birth of modern therapy -Mind-Body connection -Basic tenet of modern health psychology -Psychic issues may influence behavior, even when people aren’t aware of them -Case study method -Based on experiences with patients, Freud developed an elaborate theory Contemporary Psychoanalytic Approach -Desire to keep the parts of Freudian theory that work -unconscious influences -behavior reflects jconflicts between desires and societal normal -childhood influences adulthood -unconscious (implicit) representations of self and others guide relationships -But cut the parts that don’t work -unconscious is all about sex -psychosexual stages 1.Modern View of Repression -Repression -Freud’s view: unacceptable thoughts pushed into the unconscious Should we allow convictions on the basis of recovered memories? Repressed Memories -Traumatic events generally NOT repressed -In fact, they cant be forgotten -Post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam vererans -Victims of incest and childhood abuse typically DO recall these events 10-15 yrs later. Repressed Memories: Conclusion -Very difficult to prove whether a recovered memory is true -It is possible to implant memories of mundane events -Traumatic events are particularly memorable, less likely to be forgotten 2. Modern view of the unconscious: Motivated vs. Cognitive. -Th
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