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Chapter 14

PSYC 223 Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Summary

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The Context of Development I: The Family
The Ecological Systems Viewpoint
Bronfenbrenner’s Contexts for Development
Understanding the Family
The Family as a Social System
Families Are Developing Systems
Conclusions About Understanding Families
Parental Socialization During Childhood and Adolescence
Two Major Dimensions of Parenting
Four Patterns of Parenting
Parenting Styles and Developmental Outcomes
Renegotiating the Parent–Child Relationship During Adolescence
Social Class and Ethnic Variations in Child Rearing
Developmental Surprises from Affluent Parents
The Influence of Siblings and Sibling Relationships
Changes in the Family Systems When a New Baby Arrives
Sibling Relationships over the Course of Childhood
Positive Contributions of Sibling Relationships
Diversity in Family Life
Adoptive Families
Donor Insemination (DI) Families
Gay and Lesbian Families
Family Conflict and Divorce
Applying Developmental Themes to Family Life, Parenting, and Siblings
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