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Chapter 13

PSYC 223 Chapter 13: Chapter 13 Summary

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Aggression, Altruism, and Moral Development
The Development of Aggression
Origins of Aggression in Infancy
Developmental Trends in Aggression
Individual Differences in Aggressive Behavior
Cultural and Subcultural Influences on Aggression
Coercive Home Environments: Breeding Grounds for Aggression
Methods of Controlling Aggression in Young Children
Altruism: Development of the Prosocial Self
Origins of Altruism
Developmental Trends in Altruism
Sex Differences in Altruism
Social-Cognitive and Affective Contributors to Altruism
Cultural and Social Influences on Altruism
Who Raises Altruistic Children?
Moral Development: Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Components
How Developmentalists Look at Morality
The Affective Component of Moral Development
The Cognitive Component of Moral Development
The Behavioral Component of Moral Development
How Should I Discipline My Children?
Applying Developmental Themes to the Development of Aggression, Altruism,
and Morality
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