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Chapter 2

PSYC 258 Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Summary

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Cognitive Neuroscience
Why Study Cognitive Neuroscience?
Neurons: Communication and Representation
The Microstructure of the Brain: Neurons
The Signals That Travel in Neurons
Recording From a Neuron
The Principle of Neural Representation
Representation by Neurons
Representation by Single Neurons
Feature Detectors
Neurons That Respond To Complex Stimuli
Sensory Coding
Specificity Coding
Population Coding
Sparse Coding
Neuropsychology and Recording From Neurons
Localization Demonstrated by Neuropsychology
Demonstrating a Double Dissociation
Localization Demonstrated by Recording From Neurons
Brain Imaging
Brain Imaging Evidence for Localization of Function
Distributed Representation Across the Brain
Neural Networks
What Neuroscience Tells Us About Cognition
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