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Chapter 2

PSYC 275 Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Summary

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Evolution, Genetics, and Experience
Thinking about the Biology of Behavior: From Dichotomies to Interactions
Is It Physiological, or Is It Psychological?
Is It Inherited, or Is It Learned?
Problems with Thinking about the Biology of Behavior in Terms of Traditional Dichotomies
The Case of the Man Who Fell Out of Bed
The Case of the Chimps and the Mirrors
The Case of the Thinking Student
Human Evolution
Evolution and Behavior
Course of Human Evolution
Thinking about Human Evolution
Evolution of the Human Brain
Evolutionary Psychology: Understanding Mate Bonding
Thinking about Evolutionary Psychology
Fundamental Genetics
Mendelian Genetics
Chromosomes: Reproduction and Recombination
Chromosomes: Structure and Replication
Sex Chromosomes and Sex-Linked Traits
The Genetic Code and Gene Expression
Mitochondrial DNA
Modern Genetics
Behavioral Development: Interaction of Genetic Factors and Experience
Selective Breeding of Maze-Bright and Maze-Dull Rats
Phenylketonuria: A Single-Gene Metabolic Disorder
Development of Birdsong
Genetics of Human Psychological Differences
Development of Individuals versus Development of Differences among Individuals
Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart
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