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Chapter 13

PSYC 275 Chapter 13: Chapter 13 Summary

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Development of the Nervous System
From Fertilized Egg to You
Phases of Neurodevelopment
Induction of the Neural Plate
Neural Proliferation
Migration and Aggregation
Axon Growth and Synapse Formation
Neuron Death and Synapse Rearrangement
Postnatal Cerebral Development in Human Infants
Postnatal Growth of the Human Brain
Development of the Prefrontal Cortex
Effects of Experience on the Early Development, Maintenance, and Reorganization of
Neural Circuits
Early Studies of Experience and Neurodevelopment: Deprivation and Enrichment
Competitive Nature of Experience and Neurodevelopment: Ocular Dominance Columns
Effects of Experience on Topographic Sensory Cortex Maps
Experience Fine-Tunes Neurodevelopment
Neuroplasticity in Adults
Neurogenesis in Adult Mammals
Effects of Experience on the Reorganization of the Adult Cortex
Disorders of Neurodevelopment: Autism and Williams Syndrome
The Case of Alex: Are You Ready to Rock?
Cases of Amazing Savant Abilities
Williams Syndrome
The Case of Anne Louise McGarrah: Uneven Abilities of Those with Williams Syndrome
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