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Chapter 14

PSYC 275 Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Summary

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Brain Damage and Neuroplasticity
Causes of Brain Damage
Brain Tumors
Cerebrovascular Disorders: Strokes
Closed-Head Injuries
The Case of Jerry Quarry, Ex-Boxer
Infections of the Brain and Neurotoxins
Genetic Factors and Programmed Cell Death
Neuropsychological Diseases
The Subtlety of Complex Partial Seizures: Two Cases
Parkinson s Disease, Huntington s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer s Disease
Animal Models of Human Neuropsychological Diseases
Kindling Model of Epilepsy
Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
MPTP Model of Parkinson s Disease
The Case of the Frozen Addicts
Neuroplastic Responses to Nervous System Damage: Degeneration, Regeneration,
Reorganization, and Recovery
Neural Degeneration and Neural Regeneration
Neural Reorganization
Recovery of Function after Brain Damage
Neuroplasticity and the Treatment of Nervous System Damage
Reducing Brain Damage by Blocking Neurodegeneration
Promoting Recovery from CNS Damage by Promoting Regeneration
Promoting Recovery from CNS Damage by Neurotransplantation
The Case of Roberto Garcia d Orta: The Lizard Gets an Autotransplant
Promoting Recovery from CNS Damage by Rehabilitative Training
The Cases of Tom and Philip: Phantom Limbs and Ramachandran
The Ironic Case of Professor P.: Recovery
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