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Chapter 15

PSYC 275 Chapter 15: Chapter 15 Summary

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Learning, Memory, and Amnesia
How Your Brain Stores Information
Amnesic Effects of Bilateral Medial Temporal Lobectomy
The Case of H.M., the Man Who Changed the Study of Memory
Formal Assessment of H.M. s Anterograde Amnesia: Discovery of Unconscious Memories
Three Major Scientific Contributions of H.M. s Case
Medial Temporal Lobe Amnesia
Semantic and Episodic Memories
The Case of K.C., the Man Who Can t Time Travel
The Case of the Clever Neuropsychologist: Spotting Episodic Memory Deficits
Effects of Cerebral Ischemia on the Hippocampus and Memory
The Case of R.B., Product of a Bungled Operation
Amnesia of Korsakoff s Syndrome
The Up-Your-Nose Case of N.A.
Amnesia of Alzheimer s Disease
Amnesia after Concussion: Evidence for Consolidation
Posttraumatic Amnesia
Gradients of Retrograde Amnesia and Memory Consolidation
Hippocampus and Consolidation
Neuroanatomy of Object-Recognition Memory
Monkey Model of Object-Recognition Amnesia: The Delayed Nonmatching-to Sample Test
Delayed Nonmatching-to-Sample Test for Rats
Neuroanatomical Basis of the Object- Recognition Deficits Resulting from Medial Temporal
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