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Chapter 20

PSYC 275 Chapter 20: Chapter 20 Summary

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Three Cases of Exceptional Human Sexual Development
The Case of Anne S., the Woman Who Wasn t
The Case of the Little Girl Who Grew into a Boy
The Case of the Twin Who Lost His Penis
Do the Exceptional Cases Prove the Rule?
Effects of Gonadal Hormones on Adults
Male Reproduction-Related Behavior and Testosterone
The Case of the Man Who Lost and Regained His Manhood
Female Reproduction-Related Behavior and Gonadal Hormones
Anabolic Steroid Abuse
Neuroprotective Effects of Estradiol
Neural Mechanisms of Sexual Behavior
Structural Differences between the Male Hypothalamus and Female Hypothalamus
Hypothalamus and Male Sexual Behavior
Hypothalamus and Female Sexual Behavior
Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity
Sexual Orientation and Genes
Sexual Orientation and Early Hormones
What Triggers the Development of Sexual Attraction?
Is There a Difference in the Brains of Homosexuals and Heterosexuals?
Sexual Identity
Independence of Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity
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