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Chapter 26

PSYC 275 Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Summary

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Evolutionary Perspective of Cerebral Lateralization and Language
Theories of the Evolution of Cerebral Lateralization
The Case of W.L., the Man Who Experienced Aphasia for Sign Language
When Did Cerebral Lateralization Evolve?
What Are the Survival Advantages of Cerebral Lateralization?
Evolution of Human Language
Cortical Localization of Language: The Wernicke-Geschwind Model
Historical Antecedents of the Wernicke-Geschwind Model
The Wernicke-Geschwind Model
Wernicke-Geschwind Model: The Evidence
Effects of Cortical Damage on Language Abilities
Effects of Electrical Stimulation to the Cortex on Language Abilities
Current Status of the Wernicke-Geschwind Model
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
Functional Brain Imaging and the Localization of Language
Cognitive Neuroscience of Dyslexia
Developmental Dsylexia: Causes and Neural Mechanisms
Developmental Dyslexia and Culture
Cognitive Neuroscience of Deep and Surface Dyslexia
The Case of N.I., the Woman Who Read with Her Right Hemisphere
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