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Chapter 27

PSYC 275 Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Summary

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Biopsychology of Emotion, Stress, and Health
Fear, the Dark Side of Emotion
Biopsychology of Emotion: Introduction
Early Landmarks in the Biopsychological Investigation of Emotion
The Mind-Blowing Case of Phineas Gage
A Human Case of Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
Emotions and the Autonomic Nervous System
Emotions and Facial Expression
Fear, Defense, and Aggression
Types of Aggressive and Defensive Behaviors
Aggression and Testosterone
Neural Mechanisms of Fear Conditioning
Amygdala and Fear Conditioning
Contextual Fear Conditioning and the Hippocampus
Amygdala Complex and Fear Conditioning
Stress and Health
The Stress Response
Animal Models of Stress
Psychosomatic Disorders: The Case of Gastric Ulcers
Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress, the Immune System, and the Brain
Early Experience of Stress
Stress and the Hippocampus
Brain Mechanisms of Human Emotion
Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion
Amygdala and Human Emotion
The Case of S.P., the Woman Who Couldn t Perceive Fear
Medial Prefrontal Lobes and Human Emotion
Lateralization of Emotion
Individual Differences in the Neural Mechanisms of Emotion
The Case of Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower Sniper
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