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Chapter 1

CHEM 183 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Prescription Drug

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CHEM 183
Ariel Fenster

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CHEM 183 World of Drugs
Midterm 1 MyCourses Reading 1
Taking Back Meds
a. Nearly 49% of U.S. students have used at least one prescription
drug in the past 30 days.
i. Majority of those 60+ years take two or more drugs each day
b. Only 70-90% of prescription pills are consumed
i. $5 Billion of leftover drugs are put away/thrown away
c. Implications of Pharmaceutical Waste
i. Can cause accidental poisoning, cause harm to aquatic life
and water quality, and even help drug abusers obtain fixes.
ii. Birth control are potent endocrine disruptors, and can cause
male fish to develop female sex organs
iii. Antidepressants in the water can cause fish to be slower to
respond to predator threats
iv. There can be up to 50 different drugs in the water at one
place and time.
v. BUT found that most drugs enter water not because
people flush them, but instead through ingestion by
humans and excretion through urine and feces
d. Over prescription by doctors can play a role in creating unwanted
e. Because most patients are encouraged to purchase prescription drugs
for a few months at a time (cheaper than purchasing each month), this
may also add to unwanted drugs.
f. Growing regulations for proper leftover medicine disposal +
i. Started in San Francisco, passed the Safe Drug Disposal
ii. Many countries said there is no use in putting money into
collection of unwanted pharmaceuticals
g. Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing drug problem in the
i. Of those who misuse prescription drugs, over half report that
they took pills that were prescribed to a friend or family
ii. Drug overdoses from both legal and illegal drugs have
become the leading cause of injury and death in 37
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