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Textbook Notes for ANTH 201 at McGill University

MCGILLANTH 201Maria StarzmannFall

ANTH 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Sutton Hoo, Processual Archaeology, Bruce Trigger

OC10454943 Page
New order that came from industrial revolution first in europe. Bruce trigger 3 political contexts in the revolution that affected the archaeological i
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MCGILLANTH 201Michael BissonFall

ANTH 201 Chapter 1-12: Textbook notes.docx

OC2834549 Page
Pleistocene: the geological era that began 1. 8 million years ago, characterized by the frequent buildup and retreat of continental ice sheets. Oxygen
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MCGILLANTH 201Maria StarzmannFall

ANTH 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Emic And Etic, Common Era, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

OC10454946 Page
There is the main one which is relative, that do not provide you with a exact date. It is a date in relation to other dates. It underlies the law of su
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