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Bestor - Supply-Side Sushi- Commodity, Market, and the Global City .doc

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ANTH 202
Eduardo Kohn

BestorSupplySide Sushi Commodity Market and the Global Citythis paper examines recongifguation of spatially and temporally dispersed relationships among labour commodities and cultural influence within international seafood trade that centers on Tokyos Tsukiji seafood market and local specificty of both market and place within globalized urban settingmarkets and places no longer support each otherif Wall Street and globalization literature are both to be believed markets are now literally utopiannowhere in particular and everywhere all at oncefacilitating the velocity and frequency of exchanges are the dispersal and relative density of people living outside the cultures or societies of their origins and increase potential that exists for bi cross multisocietal and brokers to effect linkagesaccompanying these changes is the rapid crossfertilization and arbitrage or cultural capitalcritical question for anthropologists the extent to which forces of globalization have alteredwill alter role of cities as central nodes in organization of regional national and intertrans national flows of peoplemany anthro studies of market focus primarily on decision making or institutional structures of their organization within cities and markets heterogenetic citytype of city that links itself and society of which it is a center to a wider world and in the process transform the city rural hinterlands that supply it and society Appadurais vision of global integrationdisintegration implies a deterritorialized world in which place matters little but in which there are loosely coupled domainsscapes
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