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CHEM 181
David Harpp

VITAMINS pages 129 to 132 VITAMINS A TO KVitamins are substances that must be included in the diet in order to maintain health and prevent certain deficiency diseases o Deficiency diseases include scurvy thousands of sailors perished from this disease First treated by boiling leaves of a tree and drinking the tea treatment by the Stadacona people In the 17th century some ships of the East India Company carried supplies of lemon juice to ward off the diseaseScottish physician James Lind had heard accounts of treating scurvy with various foods or beverages and decided to get to the bottom of it On a ship he selected 6 pairs of men To each pair he gave one of the following daily doses cider dilute sulfuric acid vinegar sea water a mash of garlic mustard seed and radish root or two oranges and a lemon There was also a control group of men who had scurvy who got the regular ship rationso The men on the citrus diet recovered within days o Therefore Lind was the first to conduct a clinical trial documenting the effectiveness of the citrus remedyAfter more studies and the British Government finally providing lemon or lime juice in 1795 the compound responsible for curing scurvy was discovered Vitamin C isolated and named by Szent Gyorgyi in the 1930sLetter designations for vitamins goes back to the early part of the 20th centuryAnother disease beriberi was first hypothesized 18781883 to be because of a lack of protein but this was inco
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