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pages 3845 FISH AND OMEGA3 FATSCommon belief that eating fish can make us smarterIn the 1800s it was discovered that ATP was the source of cellular energy and it was hypothesized that fish rich in phosphorus was brain food because it could replenish the ATP supply However it is now known that phosphorus is not lacking in our diet at all But other compounds in fish may play a role in brain function o For example docosahexaenoic acid DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid EPA fats These are the omega3s that have been linked to lower heart disease o Aside While fish oils like vegatable derived oils have several carboncarbon double bonds in their molecular structure one of these always involves the third carbon from the end of the molecule The end carbon is termed the omega carbon from the Greek word for end hence the names omega3 fatsThe human brain is 60 fats but the type of fat that it is composed of is the key to predicting mental prowess o EXPERIMENT monkeys were fed a diet devoid of DHA and their brains and eyes did not develop properly This makes sense as DHA is the fat that the brain and eyes are mostly composed of Putting DHA back into the diet restored brain and eye functionTherefore the composition of the brain responds to dietary intakeAnother fact is that there seems to be a correlation where countries with a high fish intake seem to have lower depression rates than those with a low intake of fish There is also a link between an increase in depression in North America with a decline in the consumption of foods rich in DHALow concentrations of a chemical found in the cerebrospinal fluid 5HIAA has been li
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