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CHEM 181
David Harpp

pages 157161 FORTOFYING WITH IRONIron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in the world 25 of the population 5 in North AmericaThe issue was brought to our attention in the 1930s with Popeye o Spinach contains iron o BUT increasing iron to boost energy works only if there was an iron deficiency in the first place and even then energy will only be restored to normal levels o Also spinach does not contain that much iron and what it does contain is not readily absorbed by the bodyIron is an integral part of hemoglobin oxygencarrying molecule in RBC Lack of iron causes anemia tiredness impairment of mental acuity and even itchinessThere are many chemical ways to find out iron content of different foods o One is based on the reaction of iron with thiocyanate to form a red colour the intensity of the colour is used to determine iron content as compared to a standardSample is burned until only ash remains then you treat a water extract of this with thiocyanate o Initially scientists made a mistake with where they put the decimal point for iron content of spinach there really isnt that much Iron in spinach is also not readily available naturally occurring oxalate and tannins bind the mineral and prevent it from being absorbedMeat contains heme iron the most absorbable form but beans nuts and prunes are all good sources The prime nonmeat source for most people is fortified flouro Flour began to be fortified when it was noticed in the mid1900s that iron levels were dropping probably because of switchi
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