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CHEM 181
David Harpp

pages 213217 Preserving with Sulphites and PropionatesSulphites do many things prevent wine from spoiling make pizza crust crispy allow us to eat grapes in the middle of winter preserve dried fruits etc But they can also create misery for asthmatics and can even kill Sulphites are a class of chemicals widely used in food and beverage processing and they have the ability to release sulfur dioxide a multifunctional reagent8th century BC Homer writes about burning sulfur to fumigate homes In a high enough concentration sulfur dioxide gas can be lethal to people animals plants and microbes The first use of sulfur dioxide as a processing aid by Romans was due to the desire to keep microbes out of wine they did not know they were microbes however o Wine going bad gets sour because of bacteria that produce lactic or acetic acids from the sugar malic acid or ethanol present in wine Bacteria are brought to the wine by fruit flies o It was probably noted that wine that had flies buzzing around it had more of a chance of going bad so they tried to get rid of the flies with sulfur o We have been treating wine with sulfur dioxide ever since Not all wine is treated in this fashion howeverFumigating wine containers was useful for another reasono Sulfur dioxide does more than just controlling bacteria in wine o It can react with dissolved oxygen to form sulphates This is very useful because some of the vinegarforming bacteria are resistant to sulfur dioxide but they need oxygen to convert ethanol to acetic acid Even in the absence of bacteria oxygen is a problem it can oxi
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